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Your suggestions for our collection


 We are happy to hear your suggestions for additions to our collection.
 You can either send us an email, call us or make suggestions via your user account  .


For your information, please note that:

Books and DVDs must be in good condition
We only accept books and DVDs in French and English, and no other languages.
We rarely accept non-fiction items.
WE DO NOT ACCEPT magazines, travel guides, videocassettes, games, toys, etc. They are thrown away.
We will accept donations of up to 25 books at a time. if you wish to donate more than 25 books, please contact the library first.

As you can see, not all donated items are eligible for our permanent collection – those we choose not to accept are made available to readers for free on our outside shelves. Books or DVDs that are not in French or English will be put straight in the Molochs. Please be considerate and save our (mostly elderly) volunteers from the extra trouble involved in disposing of your unsuitable items.